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  • Public Universities in Vienna

    University vienna

    Fees for all public universities currently stand at:

    €363.36 per semester for Austrians

    €726.72 for non-EU nationals



    1. University of  Vienna: 

    Universitätsring 1, 1010 Wien

    About: With about 93,000 students enrolling each year, this 650-year-old university is the largest educational institution in Austria. It is located in the 1st district, but has many faculties spread over the entire city. Even if you won’t be studying at the University of Vienna, we highly recommend that you pay a visit to the main building, as it is an architectural masterpiece which more closely resembles a museum than a university.

    Programs: To see a full list, please click here

    2. Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU):


    Welthandelsplatz 1, 1020 Wien


    About: If you pay a visit to the WU campus in the 2nd district, you’re sure to feel more like you’re at a modern art exhibition than a university. With its modernized design and enhanced technical equipment, it’s not only a great institution for pursuing an Economics career, but also a very popular place for students from all universities to study.


    Programs: Business, Economics and Social Sciences, Business Law, International Management, Marketing, Quantitative Finance and many more. See a full list here.

    3. Vienna University of Technology (TUWien):


    Karlsplatz 13, 1040 Wien


    About: The TUW is Austria’s largest scientific-technical educational institution. It has eight faculties and the second-highest amount of incoming students each year, right after the University of Vienna. It is located in the center of Vienna, near the Opera.


    Programs: For a full list of programs offered please click here. 


    4. Medical University of Vienna


    Spitalgasse 23, 1090 Wien


    About: The medical university of Vienna was founded in 2004, but considered a direct successor of the University of Medicine founded in 1365, and considered to be one of the oldest medical schools in the world. It is also the largest medical organisation in Austria, as well as one of the most highly considered research institutions in Europe. The university also provides the medical staff for Europe’s largest hospital, Vienna General Hospital.


    Programs: Medicine, Dentistry, Medical informatics, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctoral Program of Applied Medical Science as well as a range of postgraduate programs. For the full list please click here



    5. Academy of Fine Arts Vienna


    Schillerplatz 3, 1010 Wien


    About: The Academy was founded in 1692, and currently has around 900 students, a quarter of which are internationals. They house one of the biggest collections of drawings and prints in Austria, which is used mostly for academic purposes, though parts of it are also open to the general public. Notable alumni include Egon Schiele.                                                                                                                 


    Programs: Fine Arts, PhD in practice, Education in the Arts, Master in Critical Studies, Architecture, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Doctor of Science, Scenography, Conservation and Restoration


    6. University of Applied Arts Vienna


    Oskar Kokoschka-Platz 2, 1010 Wien


    About: The university was founded in 1867 and designed by architect Heinrich von Ferstel. It is one of the few institutions in the world where female students were allowed to study from the university’s opening. Gustav Klimt was just one of the numerous graduates from that era.


    Programs: A variety of arts-based degrees from architecture to creative writing. For a full list of courses available, please click here.


    7. University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna


    Anton-von-Webern-Platz 1, 1030 Wien


    About: This is one of the biggest and oldest universities of music and dramatic arts in the world. Its curriculum ranges from classical to modern music, as well as musical education, dramatic arts, film and scientific subjects. The university organizes over 1,000 events every year, including numerous concerts, operatic and theatrical performances.


    Programs: For a full list of programs offered, please click here.


    8. University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna


    Veterinärpl. 1, 1210 Wien


    About: This university was founded in 1767 by Empress Maria Theresia as the world’s third school for veterinary medicine. It is currently the only academic institution in Austria that focuses on the veterinary sciences. They currently house around 1,300 employees and 2,300 students.


    Programs: A variety of courses in veterinary and biomedical sciences. For a full list of programs offered, click here.