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  • Before starting your quest to find a perfect flat in Vienna, there are some things you should know. Below, we will give you some general information about things you have to take into account when searching for an apartment here. Your budget, for example, might be influenced by the regulations that are in force in Austria, or by the value-for-money that you can get in Vienna.  

  • Housing options

    You should also think about the type of accommodation you would like to find. Do you want to live in a shared apartment, a student’s dorm or do you prefer to get private housing or maybe even a serviced apartment? You can click each of the tabs above to get more information. 

  • FeelsLikeHome Housing


    We also have our very own housing platform - FeelsLikeHome Housing. It has a range of accommodation options, specifically for internationals, and all on an English website to make life easier for you!

    Click here to find out more.