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  • Although we wish you to be as fit as a fiddle while you are in Vienna, something can always happen. Even if it is just a minor incident, you would like to be medically insured. At first, you have to decide whether you want to go with home-country insurance that also covers you internationally or with an Austrian insurance. If you opt for an Austrian insurance, you still have to pick between public and private insurance. The best solution for you, will depend on your personal preferences, country of origin and on the length of your stay

  • Public Health Insurance

    The minimum insurance you have to take out is the public health insurance, called WGKK (Wiener Gebiets Kranken Kasse). Health insurance makes sure that you will always get the best health provision possible, no matter how much money you have. After paying, the insurance will reimburse you the expenses for your medical treatment, including a stay in the hospital (in a multi-bed room), seeing a doctor, medicines, physiotherapy, ergotherapy, logopedics and pain-preventing dental treatments. However, public health insurance limits you to public hospitals and doctors and does not cover medical transportations or patient repatriations.

  • Private Health Insurance


    Another option is to get private health insurance, which comes with even more benefits. UNIQA is the only insurance company that offers health insurances specifically focused on international students. We have made a great deal with them and can offer you the FeelsLikeHome Student Health Insurance. We have not found any offer with a better value for money-ratio.

    The FeelsLikeHome Student Health Insurance, offers you all of the same advantages as the public health insurance, but it also allows you, for example, to go to any public or private doctors and hospitals in Vienna and it ensures that you always have the possibility to ask for an English-speaking caretaker. In addition, it does cover medical transportation/repatriation and a stay in the hospital (in special class: two-bed room).

    And the best part is all of these better and more services are offered at a CHEAPER price than the public insurance!

    Not to mention the lack of waiting lines and time saved when you can access the private institutions. As well as not having to deal with the Austrian insurance authority in German and with the notorious governmental agents who take their time when it comes to processing your paper work, which can take up to 2 months. With the FeelsLikeHome Student Health Insurance you get your visa confirmation letter within 3 days or quicker. And you can get it all done online, in English, at the comfort of your home. Takes away all uncertainty and unclarity about contract terms and insurance language. 

    You can take out an insurance right here!