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  • Living in Vienna

    Once you’ve decided to come to Vienna (good choice!), you're going to need a place to stay. Finding housing in Vienna can be a challenge. You shouldn't underestimate the time it takes to find a suitable flat and to undergo all the necessary steps. Whilst you're still in the preparation phase, you should make sure to have a checklist ready of everything you need from your future home, such as the location, the maximum budget for rent and deposit, proximity to shops, transportation links and distance to your work or university.

    It is always a good idea to arrange something beforehand. That way you can rest assured that you have a place to go to when you arrive and you can make sure that you’re not spending your weekly budget on one night in a very expensive hotel, for example. In this matter, you have several options:


             1. You can stay in a hostel, hotel or at a friend’s place for a couple of days until you find a better place to stay.

             2. You can look for a short-term (serviced) apartment or dormitory, while searching for a better place to stay

             3. You can immediately look for long-term housing.

  • Short-term Housing

    Although it would be absolutely great to directly move into the place of your dreams, we do not know a lot of people who managed to get this done. Finding an apartment in Vienna is already hard enough when you are here, since it is a very competitive market, so you’d have to be very lucky and/or skilled to find one from abroad. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to arrange some short-term housing at first, if you are a EU citizen. Then you can start your search from there (and visit the apartments personally!) Check out our information about short-term housing HERE.

  • Long-term Housing

    We recommend you to opt for short-term housing at first and start the search to your perfect place from there. Nevertheless, we know that it is not always possible to do that! If you are a non-EU citizen, you have to find your apartment prior to your arrival in order to get your VISA. When filling out your VISA documents, you have to state the place you are going to live in, attach your contract and provide the contacts of your landlord. If you want more information about long-term housing, then click HERE.

  • FeelsLikeHome Housing


    We also have our very own housing platform - FeelsLikeHome Housing. It has a range of accommodation options, specifically for internationals, and all on an English website to make life easier for you!

    Click here to find out more.