Guergana Broelz

Guergana is the living representation of our target market, having both studied and worked in 6 different countries from different edges of the globe. She lives, breathes and understands the challenges, fears, thoughts and perspectives of a global citizen. Her passion has always been to connect and explore different places and people. Bringing her structured approach and financial and business background, within FeelsLikeHome she is striving to make her life goal come true..

Richard Ludmer

Coming from a family of self-empowered business owners, Richard has always known that his passion in life is to create and develop his own project. After traveling since a young age and emerging himself in other people’s cultures through his studies and work experiences, his passion developed for bringing them together and empowering mobility of other self-motivated individuals like him. FeelsLikeHome is his tool for being who he always has known he is - an entrepreneur, a dreamer, a creator with a global perspective..

Alexander Karakas

Alexander Karakas has dedicated his life to the topics of mobility and migration. His PhD thesis had the topic “Intercultural Communication”. He is the co-founder of two NGO’s that support the peaceful dialog between different cultures through sports. At his NGO “Trialog” each year a team consisting of youth players of the different religions gather to play against the first team of “Austria Wien” in the Horr Stadium. The NGO “Not in god’s name” works with martial arts fighters as testimonials and role models for young immigrants to fight against radicalization and to teach them discipline through training and self-control. At FeelsLikeHome Alex is an extremely skilled salesman and networking-maniac..